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Press Release


Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 08, 2021 (NEMA): In collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, NEMA has received a donation of food items from Mr. Gurdip (DEV) Bath, a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, to supply persons and institutions affected by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, within the Federation.

Director of PACIOUS PTE. Ltd., Mr. Sadhu Saran Vishwakarma communicated to National Disaster Coordinator, Mr. Abdias Samuel, that a charitable donation of food items, including rice, pasta, cereals and other edibles was being made on behalf of owner, Mr. Bath.

Social Development case worker, Mrs. Dahlia Scarborough says that the role of her agency is to ensure that adequate support is provided to vulnerable, disabled and less fortunate persons, locally.

“Supporting communities is what we do here at the Department of Social Development,” she said, “but it is clear that we cannot accomplish all we are called to do without the support of exemplary citizens such as Mr. Bath and so many others who continue to heed the call of ‘country above self’.”

Mrs. Scarborough explained that she and her team, headed by Director Mrs. Osslyn Ward-Harris, have been issuing supplies to individuals and institutions identified through a process led by case workers from the agency.

Donations have already been made to all local hospitals, the Children’s Home, Saddler’s Home for the Elderly, New Horizons, Her Majesty’s Prison, Addie’s Place, Early Childhood development Centre, St. Kitts Nevis Defence Force and persons directed to quarantine as part of the management of COVID19 by the Ministry of Health.

Mrs. Scarborough stated that the effort was timely and beneficial to both Social Development and to the recipients of the Food Drive as well.

“In light of the challenges being experienced by families and entire communities because of the fallout of the current pandemic, we are truly grateful to Mr. Bath and his staff for responding to our needs in such an altruistic manner.”


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