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NEMA continues to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health

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NEMA continues to support the efforts of the Ministry of Health, led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Hazel Laws, to educate and update communities on the outbreak of the nCOVID19 virus throughout the world.

NDC Abdias Samuel and Deputy Coordinator Claricia Langley-Stevens, have been arranging presentations and meetings with segments of society in order to allay public fear and to provide legitimate information for protection of individuals and families from infection.

Yesterday Tuesday, March 10th, presentations were made to local Telecomms providers by DNDC Langley-Stevens in collaboration with Dr. Keisha Liddie from the Ministry of Health.

“The session was extremely useful,” according to the DNDC, “as we are mindful as disaster managers to ensure that every step, every action in this process is analysed and calculated and that decisions affecting residents and citizens, are sound,” she said.

Earlier in the day, the NDC and the CMO, also met with food suppliers and providers at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, to discuss matters related to food security and access to items necessary for protection from impact by the virus.

Later in the evening, NEMA’s community based partners, including District Nurses and Volunteers, were exposed to the latest information on the global advance of the virus, by CMO Laws and NDC Samuel.

Today the Information Train has stopped in Saddlers at the Primary School there, where DNDC Langley-Stevens is joined by Dr. Shane Cannonier, to share tips on personal hygiene for children, in order to arrest the potential for illness or advance of the disease in the education system.

“Ideally, the goal in all of our planning is to keep the virus away from our shores for as long as possible”…, Dr. Laws has shared, noting that the virus has now touched 110 countries globally, as it continues to rapidly spread.

“Although the nCOVID19 virus is not currently in St. Kitts-Nevis,” NDC Samuel said, “once we are impacted, our plan will be activated and every one of our stakeholders, including civil society, will have a role to play in our combined safety, protection and management of this disease.”

11th March, 2020