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Sunday 3rd November, 2019, as reports of various impacts were received by the agency, related to the passage of a trough across the Caribbean chain of islands.Reports included sudden wind upsurges, particularly in the area of Conaree, which are currently being analysed by the St. Kitts Meteorological services.The “tornado-like” hazard was said to approach the Canada Estate vicinity, by witnesses, seemingly from the northeastern section of the island.In Borryeau Estate, a businessman’s premises were inundated by water and mudflow as a result of heavy rains in the area, while a house in Molineaux was undermined and collapsed while the occupant, Mr. Joseph Riley, was still inside. Mr. Riley was safely transported to the home of relatives following a short meeting with NDC Samuel and DNDC Langley-Stevens.Throughout the day many calls, reports and images were shared with members of staff from NEMA. NDC Samuel has shared that the agency, having partially activated in response mode yesterday, will be conducting inspections and investigations today, with a view to keeping stakeholders and the public apprised as to what exactly occurred on Sunday and what measures will be undertaken to mitigate further impact or disaster.In the meantime, road users along the island main road are strongly encouraged to be extremely cautious about your surroundings and especially alert when passing potential hazards such as electricity poles that are leaning under pressure of saturated soils, landslides and flowing ghauts or waterways. NDC Samuel reminds the public that this is not the time to take chances by parking in ghauts or near areas that are prone to flooding.”It is not in our best interest,” Samuel said, “to take any unnecessary risks at this time. Our safety is primarily dependent upon our attention to critical details that may guide us in the decisions we make as a result of our observations as we travel, congregate and work throughout the day.”