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NEMA District Managers, Assistant Managers and some Secretaries were engaged by NDC Abdias Samuel and the NEMA Team for reporting purposes in preparedness mode as First Responders within communities.

The group spoke on challenges, activities to date and summarised their support to the districts that they served in 2018.

Accompanying NDC Samuel were DNDC Claricia Langley-Stevens, Districts Coordinator, Bereece Williams and PRO Vesta Southwell.

During the meeting, plans for pre-season walk throughs were outlined and tabled for Districts: #1, from S.E. Peninsula to Victoria Road East; #4, from Challengers to New Guinea; #7, from Belle Vue to Ottley’s Ghaut West and #8, from Ottley’s Ghaut East to St. Peters.

Plans for collaborations with District Managers, were also shared by the NEMA, including development of mapping to identify vulnerable community residents, evacuation routes and shelters.

According to DNDC Langley-Stevens, “…these initiatives will take NEMA a long way towards our goal of ensuring safety and security for all members of our communities, including persons with special needs.”

“We simply cannot leave anyone behind”, she said.