Present Full Time Staff Members

Carl Herbert
National Disaster Coordinator (NDC)
This officer is the head of the agency and provides overall management of the staff, daily office functions and emergency operations in the event of a threat, hazard impact or national emergency/disaster. He/she is the lead technical officer for disaster management for the Government of St. Kitts-Nevis, also the regional and international focal point individual for multi hazards on St. Kitts-Nevis. The officer is the official point of contact with entities such as the Seismic Research Centre (SRC), Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), Caribbean Tsunami Warning Programme (CTWP) and the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). Areas of responsibility include recommending policy initiatives, implementation of the National Disaster Plan, member of the CDEMA Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), oversight of the local disaster management programme of activities, provide advice to government and other entities, coordinates emergency operations, represent the agency and St. Kitts-Nevis at local and overseas forums. The officer reports to the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of National Security Secretariat.
Claricia Langley-Stevens
Deputy National Disaster Coordinator (DNDC)
Is the second most senior officer at the NEMA Office and deputizes on behalf of or in the absence of the National Disaster Coordinator. Areas of responsibility include coordinate training, development of project proposals and project coordination, Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Focal Point, Director of Emergency Operations, supervision of some members of staff, coordinate the Disaster Management Youth Ambassadors Programme, also represent the agency and country locally and overseas.
Vesta Southwell
Public Relations 0fficer (PRO)
The holder of this position is the agency’s link with local media establishments and the public, as part of the implementation of an ongoing multi- media, multi hazards public education and awareness programme. Areas of responsibility include ensuring the availability of multi hazards literature, develop and have aired Public Service Awareness messages, produce and have aired a pre recorded radio programme, organize live Press Conferences and Panel Discussions, be the voice of the agency when necessary, maintain the agency’s website and social media avenues of communications, also arrange media coverage of activities organized by or in which the agency is involved. Represent the agency in related matters locally and overseas.
Lejon James
This officer plays a critical role to ensure that the necessary Information Communications Technology (ICT) systems are in place and functioning appropriately, for the agency to function efficiently during normal and emergency operations. Areas of responsibility include, establish and maintain networks, ensure that electronic equipment is functional, ensure all systems have adequate protection, arrange for ongoing data storage and backup, establish and implement a multi agency radio telecommunications network, conduct regular radio checks, provide technical support to the agency’s Public Relations Officer and other staff, assist with the establishment and functioning of databases, also manage the agency’s electronic Documentation Centre/Library Programme. Represent the agency in related matters locally and overseas.
Clara Tuckett
Senior Clerk
Provides clerical support, coordinates the NEMA Volunteer Programme and is engaged in community outreach initiatives.
Jacynth Francis
Senior Clerk
The holder of this position plays an important role to provide support to the agency’s management team in the undertaking of ongoing administrative duties. Areas of responsibility include undertaking all financial transactions of the Agency, procure needed items, operate the electronic Intelligent Treasury Management System (ITMS) to make purchases and make payments, manage requests for, scheduling and use of the NEMA Training/ Meeting Room, manage requests for, release and return of items in the NEMA Warehouse, manage the acquisition, release and use of use stationery and office supplies, reproduce information on computer and provide general clerical support as necessary.
Anthea Earle
Junior Clerk
Holds a junior position and provides general clerical support in the agency’s work. Areas of responsibility include reproduce information on computer, document incoming and outgoing mail/correspondence; receive incoming telephone calls and transferring same as necessary and check office email account.
Patrick Williams
The duties of this officer include delivering and collecting mail and other items, transport members of staff and visiting officials, open and close the office daily, ensure that electrical equipment are powered off at the end of the work day, assist with the release and return of items stored in the NEMA warehouse and assist staff with different activities/tasks as necessary.